Prof. Dr. Sangar Daud


Prof. Dr. Sangar Daud – Salahaddin University

Dr. Sangar Dawood Mohammed is a renowned Professor of Law and Politics, with a passion for environmental protection. He was born in Iraq and holds a Ph.D. in Law from Salahaddin University. Dr. Mohammed has been a member of the teaching staff at the Department of Law at the Faculty of Law and Politics at the University of Salahaddin, Erbil, Iraq, since 2004.
In addition to his academic career, Dr. Mohammed has served in various capacities in organizations dedicated to promoting environmental protection and civil rights. He has served as Director of the Legal Clinic at the College of Law and Politics at Salahaddin University, Erbil, Iraq, and worked as a legal consultant for the magazine "Environment and Life" issued by the Ministry of Environment in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Dr. Mohammed has also contributed to the committee drafting a bill to protect and improve the environment in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which is currently in force as the Law of Protect and Improve the Environment in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
Dr. Mohammed is a prolific author and has published two books on environmental law, "The Administrative Control for Protecting the Environment in Iraqi and Egyptian Code: Analytical and Comparative Study" and "International Lawful Organizing for Protection of Environment from Pollution: A Legally Analytical Study," both published by Dar el-Shattat, Cairo, Egypt, in 2012.
Dr. Mohammed is fluent in Kurdish, English, and Arabic, and has attended several training sessions on environmental laws, problem-solving, and new locations. He is an active member of Protecting Civil Rights Association, Kurdistan and Britain relationship association, and has interests in football, reading, walking, and travelling.