Lect. Hawar Muhammed Yousif

Chairman of the Committee

Hawar Muhammed Yousif was born on 1973 in Erbil, located in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. He received his master's degree in law from La Lagasse University in Beirut, Lebanon in 2017. In 2014, he became a lawyer and the Head of the Legal Department in the Electoral Establishment of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (P.D.K). In this position, he was responsible for managing legal affairs related to the electoral process.

In 2020, Hawar Muhammed Yousif joined the Lebanese French University (LFU) as a full-time lecturer in the Department of Legal Administration in the College of Administration and Economics. As a lecturer, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise in the field of legal administration with his students.

Throughout his career, Hawar Muhammed Yousif has demonstrated a strong commitment to the field of law and legal administration. He has developed a reputation for his professionalism and expertise and is highly regarded by his colleagues and peers.