Call for Papers

We are inviting scholars and researchers to submit their papers on the following subjects for consideration at the First International Conference on Good Governance and Legal Issues (ICGGLI-23).

  1. E-government
  2. Smart Government
  3. Sustainable development
  4. Public participation
  5. Accounting, auditing and banking
  6. Human resource management and innovation
  7. Participation of NGOs in decision-making
  8. Climate change management
  9. Performance Evaluation
  10. Economic growth
  11. Environmental Protection and Public Policy
  12. Management Ethics
  13. Business Information Systems
  14. Management of the change process
  15. Comparative Economic Systems
  16. Budgeting and Public Finance
  17. Decision Sciences
  18. Development Planning and Policy
  19. Economic policy
  20. Public Finance and Investment
  21. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  22. Economic diversification
  1. Legal criteria and requirements
  2. Theoretical and legal principles of good governance
  3. Legal mechanisms for implementing good governance
  4. The role of civil society organizations in embodying good governance
  5. Private sector regulations
  6. Integrity, transparency and accountability of governance
  7. Fighting corruption
  8. Legal regulation of good governance
  9. Legal system of corporate governance
  10. Legal Assessment of Good Governance
  11. Review and amend laws towards good governance
  12. Education system reform and as a gateway to good governance
  13. Legal constraints and their impact on good governance
  14. Legal Awareness
  15. Good governance, political and social responsibility
  16. Commercial Arbitration
  17. Investment Law
  18. Good governance and human rights impact